Eradication of diseases

A lot of individuals believe that vaccines eradicated some certain diseases. I do not believe this is true at all.

All diseases have patterns and a course to run. In other words all dieases have a high low pattern. If you look at any chart you can see this. No disease is 100% eradicated off the face of the Earth. It’s dormant at that particular time. With the advancements in sewage, burning garbage, better hygiene, clean houses, better nutrition and such you can see a drop in certain dieases. It is not because of vaccines. Those particular dieases were in a big decline before they made vaccines. We still have these dieases however not everyone get them for those reasons I stated. It has certainly not gone away. Vaccines had nothing to do with eradication of most viruses and bacteria. Not living together in overcrowded cities drinking from open wells has helped a lot. Not being around other people’s crap and piss has helped. Modern medicine providing things like fluids and fever reducer and such has helped. Bubonic plague occurs in many places. A few years ago they had a huge outbreak of it in Madagascar. We have been 1 and 11 cases per year here in the US. Leprosy also still exists, so don’t go petting armadillos (I think that’s a higher # than are affected by plague.) There are risks inherent in simply being alive. You dive into fresh warm water, you could get a flesh-eating (or brain eating) bacteria by getting water up your nose simply because our planet is warming too much and the water temperature allows these bacterium to thrive. There are hosts of diseases, illnesses, viruses, bacteria… that vaccines cannot and will not help, and in fact leave you open to contracting them because vaccines weaken your immune system. Published 2016; Retrieved: Nov 21, 2017.


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